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несколько цитат из книги про АД (not actually the hell, but... you know... :) ), упомянутой ранее:

Q: What relation do you (DT: M.S. Whitehouse) feel movement in depth has to J.C. Jung's theory of active imagination?
A: I think that body movement is active imagonation in sensory and sensation therms, just as painting is active imagination in visual terms. When it is done on that level, it is pure active imagination and has nothing to do with which areas of the body are involved or one's stiffness or whatever.
It has to do with the flow of the unconsiousness material coming out in physical form. Dear Papa Jung did not know this (!), and the reason he didn't was because he assumed (as anybody brought up in that generation would assume) that you had to have the structure of the outside form of the dance, which one had to learn and to be able to repeat, and then you could ask the questions. Perhaps Jung didn't know that it flowed like a painting does and that anybody that knew movement could see the images appearing as they came. They didn't have to be repeated or repeatable. One does not need to move in circles in order to create a mandala pattern which physical movement. In movement it is not that specific.

... the depth of the leader corresponds to the depth that she or he can bring out in a person. In other words, a younger person without the experience is not going to trigger the same depth that I have from years of both personal and analytical experience.

Идея о движении как о двойственном процессе - "I move" and "I am being moved".

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